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Silicon Slopes Apprenti Program provides an age-old solution for a new era to two problems in Utah’s technology sector. There’s a professional talent shortage in the Technology Sector in Utah that grows every day. There is also a ceiling to access training for Technology Sector careers for a range of demographically-diverse populations in Utah. Silicon Slopes Apprenti will provide the beginning of a solution to both problems. Click on the button below to take the assessment test.


Your pathway to forge a future in Tech.


Silicon Slopes Apprenti offers you a pathway into a career in the tech industry through an apprenticeship. If you thought a career in IT was out of reach, this could be your chance to get your foot in the door. If you have a desire to enter the field, this is your moment.


The way to apply for the program is to take the assessment test. Apprenti has developed an assessment that covers three areas: math, critical thinking and logic, and soft skills. The program rates potential candidates based on individual competencies, not on earned pedigrees. The assessment is free, always open, and the only requirements are that an applicant is 18 or older, has the equivalent of a high school degree, and is legally able to work in the United States.

If a candidate scores in the 80th percentile or higher, they are moved to a potential hiring pool. Silicon Slopes Apprenti staff conduct two interviews with qualified candidates when apprenticeship opportunities are available and if a candidate is determined to be a good fit, they interview with hiring partners. Once they have moved through the hiring process and have been offered an apprenticeship with a specific hiring partner, they begin their apprenticeship.

Registered Apprenticeships are a combination of classroom training (RSI) and on-the-job training provided by employers. The apprenticeship begins on day one of RSI, lasting three to five months, and is followed by a paid, mentored, one year of on-the-job training at an employer. At the end of the program, an apprentice will have developed a skillset to be fully employable in their apprenticeship occupation. They will also have a certification of a completed Department of Labor registered apprenticeship, which means the training will be recognized industry-wide.

How will you be a part of Silicon Slopes Apprenti?

Silicon Slopes Apprenti builds a pathway that connects applicants, training providers, and hiring partners to close the talent gap in Utah’s Technology Sector with applicants looking for a pathway towards an IT career. Learn more about how you can participate based on your section of the pathway by clicking below.

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Hiring Partner

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Hiring Partner

A program designed to be a bridge between your talent shortage and the vast pool of untapped talent in Utah.


An apprenticeship is a standardized model that has worked for generations. This is training in a consistent, but adaptable, way that guarantees that there is a high standard of achievement and you have a fully qualified, worker in their given occupation at the end of their apprenticeship.


Silicon Slopes Apprenti recruits non-traditional talent, screens applicants for grit, intellectual curiosity, and ability to collaborate, navigates and maintains all compliance with the Department of Labor, gives hiring partners standards and tools to mentor apprentices without the hiring partners having to build their own program, and much more. The hiring partners use their expertise and train to retain untapped, talented individuals who will have a reason to stay with them for the long haul.


This is an apprenticeship training program that goes far beyond the standard internship. You want fully qualified talent for your IT/Computing needs? This program will build you that talent. Interested in learning more about how to bring on apprentices?


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Training Provider

Be a part of changing Utah’s Technology Sector through your coursework.


Apprenticeships are a combination of technically related classroom education and structured on-the-job training. Silicon Slopes Apprenti works in conjunction with educational partners around Utah to provide Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) to all apprentices in the program. RSI is typically delivered in a full-time, accelerated format over 3-5 months. We are looking to build a list of qualified and interested educational institutions to continue to build the RSI portion of our program.


If you are interested in offering RSI for the program, please fill out an initial interest form.